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Wedding Cars Booking Form

On completion of the booking form we will contact you to confirm availability, alternatively please call, whatsapp or text us on 07823556846 between 09:30am - 21:00pm and we will confirm availability straight away.

A £50 Booking Fee is required per car booked and is required within 24 hours of completing this booking form the remaining balance is due by 1 month before the wedding date.

Remaining Balances are to be paid by bank transfer 1 month before the Wedding, the payment details will be provided on your booking confirmation. 

This booking form is to be used within 48 hours of you receiving your quote, please contact us outside of this time to confirm your chosen your Car/s are available.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Bookings are confirmed once the £50 *non-refundable reservation fee per car has been paid. The Reservation fee not only secures the vehicle/s booked for your date but also covers our admin costs in setting up and maintaining your booking. In case of a cancellation the reservation fee cannot be transferred to any other Cars or Services we offer and a cancellation fee will apply. 

  2. Change of date : We reserve the right to adjust and increase our prices for the vehicles booked should you change the Wedding Date stated on your booking confirmation to the next year. A £25 ammendment fee per car will apply if you change your date to the following year/s to cover admin costs and also to compensate us for the loss that we may not be able to rebook the car/s for your original date.

  3. The outstanding balance is due 1 month before the wedding date and is shown on your booking confirmation. Failure to pay the outstanding balance will result in no Wedding Car/s being provided. If no payment is received by the latest of 3 weeks before the date of the Wedding we reserve the right to cancel the booking and a notification will be issued by phone, email and / or text to the details provided by the hirer stated. Any monies paid to us are non-refundable.

  4. Cancellations must be by email to and by the hirer stated on the booking form. Cancellations will incur a £30 admin fee to cover the cost of processing of your cancellation. The additional fees apply for Weddings cancelled as we may not be able to re-sell your date. Less than 20 weeks but more than 10 weeks - a 25% of the balance is due. Between 10 - 5 weeks 50% of the balance is due, less than 5 weeks all of the balance is due. Any balances paid within 4 weeks of the Wedding are non-refundable as its very unlikely we will be able to re-sell your date. We recommend adequate Wedding Insurance to cover any unforeseen circumstances.

  5. Any changes to the original booking confirmation will incur a minimum charge of £30 if there is extra mileage and / or if the changes are made within 4 weeks of the Wedding date on the booking confirmation.

  6. By booking the Cars stated on your booking confirmation you have deemed that all passengers are physically fit and able to enter and exit the cars by themselves. It is your responsibility to inform us if a passenger is registered disabled. If it is seen that a passenger is struggling to enter a car we will recommend they travel in a vehicle more suitable without exception. All passengers entering and / or exiting our Wedding Cars do so at their own risk.

  7. Whilst we will make every effort to arrive punctually at your address and destination we will not be held responsible for late arrival or cancellation due to circumstances beyond our control, this includes and is not limited to traffic congestion, bad weather, punctures. We recommend that you are covered with adequate Wedding Insurance.

  8. In the unlikely event of a breakdown the company will endeavour to supply an alternative vehicle, this may or may not be of a similar specification as the original vehicle booked. If we are unable to supply a Wedding vehicle we will arrange a Private Hire Vehicle and offer a full refund of the hire price for the defective vehicle only or offer a lesser vehicle and a 20% part refund of the defective vehicle. We recommend that you are covered with adequate Wedding Insurance.

  9. Customers should be aware that extras that have not been charged for are strictly excluded from the booking confirmation and our duty to you. Therefore no refund is ever due, in any circumstances, that a discretionary item is cancelled or unavailable for whatever reason. We recommend that you are covered with adequate Wedding Insurance.

  10. No food or drink will be allowed in any vehicles unless prior consent has been given by us. Uk Law prohibits smoking in vehicles used by the public - The Company adopts a strict No Smoking policy.

  11. Our Chauffeurs will choose the route based on experience, knowledge of the local area and use of satellite navigation, they will accept a route requested by the principal hirer, however, should this result in extra mileage or time being added to the journey a charge may be made.

  12. Any alterations made to the booking or a request that will require additional time will incur an extra charge at £30 for the first 30 minutes or £45 per hour or may not be honoured if that conflicts with another booking.

  13. The principle hirer will be responsible for the conduct of all passengers during the service and we reserve the right to invoice or make a charge to the hirer for any losses or damage sustained to any part of the vehicle caused by any passenger or a third party incited to cause damage to the vehicle. A minimum charge of £100 will be applied to cover valet costs should fouling be caused by any passenger through food, drink or illness.

  14. In the case of extremely bad weather including red or amber weather warnings we reserve the right to change the Vehicle booked to a Vehicle we feel more appropriate. Incase of extremely bad weather we’re un-able to provide a Wedding Car a 20% refund will be issued per car. We recommend that you are covered with adequate Wedding Insurance.

  15. We will not be held responsible for damage to any personal belongings and/ or clothing including Brides Dress, Bridesmaid Dress, Grooms Suit, Best Man Suit and Ushers Suits resulting from lack of care, attention or mis-use. Our Chauffeurs will check the vehicle for passengers belongings left in the vehicle after a service. However, the Company cannot be held responsible for any item damaged or broken during the journey or left in the vehicle after the service. It is up to the hirer to ensure they have all their belongings at the end of the service.

  16. We offer a policy of total discretion for all clients, our Chauffeurs will not discuss who travelled with us, to where or with whom unless authorised by you to do so. The exception to this policy is wedding photography for company promotional purposes. Therefore, unless formally instructed to the contrary, we may take photographs at weddings and publish them in company literature, social media or on the website. If you do not wish to have your images used please make us aware of this in writing when paying the reservation fee or balance of the service.

  17. The Company is not registered for VAT which means the price quoted is the amount due unless there is a change of date to the following year/s. There are no extras to pay unless extra services are requested on the day of the service, these requests are at the discretion of the company and will be charged at our hourly rate.

  18. We reserve the right to add or amend our Terms and Conditions at any time.

  19. *By not requesting a Refund of the reservation fee within 14 days of the booking date it is deemed that you accept and agree to these Terms and Conditions.

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